2009-10 GISL Meeting Archives

  • Monday, September 28 - Lakeview Academy
  • Thursday, January 28 - Paideia School
  • April 2010 - Davis Academy

Fall Meeting - Monday, September 28

Lakeview Academy

Those present included:
  1. Ann Glass, Darlington School
  2. Melinda Holmes, Darlington School
  3. Wendy Payne, Darlington School
  4. Sue Borain, King’s Ridge Christian School
  5. Liz St. Clair, Lakeview Academy
  6. Tina Thomas, Lakeview Academy
  7. Cathy Treager, Providence Christian
  8. Candace Walton, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee
  9. Eileen Rice, St. Peter Claver Regional Catholic School
  10. Marian Rosenbery, St. Pius X
  11. Carolyn Chapman, Wesleyan
  12. Julie Rosencrantz, Wesleyan
  13. Kimberley Barker, Westminster
  14. Terri Kaplan , Westminster
  15. Tonda Morris, Whitfield Academy

We met in the Bagwell Media Center at Lakeview Academy, Lakeview’s middle and upper school media center. It was very quiet since all the students were away on school retreats or tours. We were made to feel very welcome by Tina Thomas and Liz St. Clair as well as the headmaster of Lakeview Academy, James Curry Robison who stopped by to greet us. It was interesting to learn that Lakeview Academy runs a Laptop Program in their high school.

Our Guest speaker was Connie White, Director of Technology and Media at Lakeview Academy. Her presentation was on “Effective Internet Safety”. She provided an overview of what dangers current technology trends pose to our students and what we as educators need to be aware of. Students are tech savvy, but we must use our wisdom to teach ethical use of the technology and be aware of what is out there to help them make wise choices.
Areas she highlighted included:
· The importance of the effective implementation of an Acceptable Use Policy.
· Implementation of a monitoring system – that provides the ability to track and flag inappropriate internet use.
· The implementation of an internet safety curriculum.
· The prevalence of online gambling by middle and upper school students.
· Cyber bullying (its prevalence – and the concern that students can no longer get away from bullying – even in their own homes).
· “Sexting”, piracy and unwise online profiles – and the potential legal ramifications.
· Internet Safety Websites.

We welcomed Terri Kaplan the new Jr. High Media Specialist at Westminster.

Business meeting:
Please send your dues to Elena Barrio at the Atlanta International School if you haven’t already done so.

The annual Georgia Independent School Association Conference will be at Darlington School on November 2, 2009. Go to http://www.gisa-schools.org/sch_display_activity.asp?category=1 to register for the conference. During the morning session, Melinda Holmes will present a session on “Summer Reading: A Student Centered Approach” and Kirsten Pylant will lead a session on GALILEO.
During the afternoon session Connie White is leading a session: “Thinking about launching a 1.1 Laptop/Tablet program?”

This year’s AASL conference is in Charlotte from November 5-8. Marian Rosenberg and Tina Thomas will be attending and will share any information at the next meeting.

GISL Communication:
After lunch the group discussed the options available to us to consolidate our current means of communication. We have several different means of communicating with the group and it is becoming confusing. As technology has changed, we should be able to access all information, including meeting notices and minutes, a group roster, events and author information in one place. Connie White is the president of the Atlanta Area Technology Educators (AATE) and that group has created a wiki that serves them well. That wiki can be accessed by visiting http://aategroup.wikispaces.com/. We will discuss this further at the next meeting, but it was suggested that we create a wiki similar to this one.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM.

Next Meeting:
We plan to hold our next meeting the last week in January. We are looking at January 26, 27 or 28th. Tina Thomas will have more details for us at a later time; however, if any of these dates are not a possibility for you, please email her at tina.thomas@lakeviewacademy.com.

Winter Meeting - January 28

Paideia School
Georgia Independent School Librarians (GISL)
Winter Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2010
Those present included:
Sharon Hermann, Atlanta International School
Diane Kellum, Atlanta Speech School
Melinda Holmes, Darlington
Wendy Payne, Darlington
Ann Glass, Darlington
Stacy Brown, Davis Academy
Ann Edmonds, Galloway School
Amy Marler, Holy Innocents’
Tina Thomas, Lakeview Academy
Donna Knott, Lovett
Brian Collier, Marist
Linda Teague, Pace Academy
Patty Smith, Pace Academy
Anna Watkins, Paideia
Natalie Bernstein, Paideia
Ann Flynn, Trinity
Myra Morrison, Trinity
Carolyn Chapman, Wesleyan
Shonda Duke, Wesleyan
Julie Rosenkrantz, Wesleyan
Christopher Bishop, Westminster
Terri Kaplan, Westminster
Kimberley Barker, Westminster
Vicki Norman, Westminster
Jane Vickers, Westminster
Tonda Morris, Whitefield Academy
Elizabeth Qualls, Whitefield Academy
Joanne Baker, Woodward Academy
Julie Neely, Woodward Academy
Members gathered in the High School library at Paideia. After refreshments, we were greeted by Mr. Paul Bianchi, Headmaster at Paideia. Melinda Holmes welcomed the group which was followed by the presentation of our guests: Roberta Gardner, Early Learning Librarian at the Galloway School and her husband, Morris Gardner, Manager of Programming for the Auburn Avenue Research Library.
Roberta spoke to us about multicultural literature and the importance of deviating from the single story. Many perspectives exist in our world and it is important to explore as many as possible. Literature is one of the easiest ways to do so. Roberta distributed a comprehensive list of books that can be used for this purpose. If you were unable to attend the meeting, some of the books on the list can be accessed at http://sites.google.com/site/readingtheworld1/
Morris informed the group of some of the wonderful programming that is being planned at the Auburn Avenue Research Library. The Children’s Literary Festival honoring Ashley Bryan, Kadir Nelson, and Evelyn Coleman is scheduled for March 18 – 20, 2010. Over the course of the festival, attendees will be exposed to the Africana experience through the genre of children’s and YA literature. The festival will include author presentations and book signings. It is free and open to the public. For more information you may visit www.afpls.org/aarl.

After lunch the meeting was called to order by Melinda Holmes.

Old Business:

Melinda reminded everyone that after the regular meeting, anyone wishing to express their thoughts about how to make our means of communication easier is encouraged to stay for a brainstorming session on this recurring issue.

New Business:

Melinda was contacted by a librarian seeking GISL membership who was formerly employed in a Georgia private school. Melinda shared with the group that the librarian was interested in job opportunities and issues relevant to our profession. The officers recommended to the group that requests of this type had been denied in the past citing that membership had always been exclusive to employed Georgia independent school librarians and recent retirees. The group did agree, though, that a GISL member could pass on relevant information to the librarian from our listserv. The motion to accept the officers’ recommendation was made by Kirsten Pylant and seconded by Tonda Morris. The motion passed unanimously.

Amy Marler spoke to the group about e-criticism and database marketing she received from Gale. The group discussed the products and suggested strongly that GISL provide a united front that all products should be made available through MISBO with consortium pricing.

FAREWELL: Kimberley Barker announced that she will be taking a position at the University of Virginia beginning in June. Kimberley will be the Emerging Technologies Librarian in the School of Medicines/Health Sciences Library. We hope to see Kimberley at the spring meeting and we wish her the best of luck.

OFFICER NOMINATIONS: Nominations for the slate of officers are now being accepted. If anyone is interested in the positions, or would like to nominate a member for Secretary, Program Chair or President, please forward the nominations to Melinda Holmes (meholmes@...). A slate of officers will be presented and voted on at the next meeting.

UPCOMING CONFERENCE: AISL conference will take place March 14 -16 in Nashville.

The meeting adjourned followed by a tour of Paideia. Some members graciously stayed behind to discuss our technology options. Melinda Holmes created a wiki for our group as a starting point for our organization. This wiki will be shown to and discussed by our members at the next meeting.

Georgia Independent School Librarians (GISL)
Spring Meeting – Hosted by The Alfred and Adele Davis Academy
April 21, 2010

Those present included:

Anna Watkins, Paideia

Kirsten Pylant, Augusta Prep

Melinda Holmes, Darlington School

Wendy Payne, Darlington School

Stacy Brown, Davis Academy

Debbie Kahn, Davis Academy

Patty Smith, Davis Academy

Amy Marler, Holy Innocents Episcopal

Sue Borain, King’s Ridge Christian School

Tina Thomas, Lakeview Academy

Brian Collier, Marist School

Linda Teague, Pace Academy

Gwen Porter, Providence Christian Academy

Cathy Treagle, Providence Christian Academy

Anne Herbert, Schenck

Eileen Rice, St. Peter Claver Regional Catholic School

Melanie O’Kelley, Wesleyan

Julie Rosenkranz, Wesleyan

Kimberley Barker, Westminster

Christopher Bishop, Westminster

Terri Kaplan, Westminster

Kathy McClelland, Westminster

Jane Vickus, Westminster

Ann Haber, Woodward Academy

Julie Neely Woodward Academy, North

GISL met in The Davis Academy Lower School Library. Our hosts were Stacy Brown, Lower School Media Specialist and Debbie Kahn, Assistant Media Specialist. We were made to feel very welcome by the Assistant Head of School, Amy Shafron, the Lower School Principal, Drew Frank, and Rabbi Lapides.


Our Guest speaker was Kim Siegelson, author of the award winning book in In the Time of the Drums and many other historical fiction books set in the South. Kim provided insights into the history of storytelling, her thought processes as a children’s author and the involved and often challenging process of writing and having a book published. She shared her thoughts about the future of the publishing industry, the increase in author “self publishing” and the availability of resources for on demand printing. She voiced her concern about how commercial book selling has become stating that considerable focus is placed on the physical appearance of books – making it challenging to sell literary works. She concluded her presentation with a discussion about the future children’s books. She encouraged us to “embrace the impossibilities” that technology brings and cited the use of technology to turn works into modern day pop-up books – see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gew68Qj5kxw (Alice and Wonderland on iPad.) Kim challenged us to “find relevancy for today’s audiences”.

Business meeting:

President Melinda Holmes called the group to order and began the meeting with a vote for next year officers. Kimberley Barker moved to accept the officer positions and Brian Collier seconded the motion.

The officers for next year are:

President – Tina Thomas

Program Coordinator - Christopher Bishop

Secretary – Sue Borain

Treasurer – Elena Barrio

Listserv Coordinator – Anna Watkins

Member-at-large – Kirsten Pylant

Member-at –large – Melinda Holmes

Melinda Holmes updated the members on the progress of the GISL Wiki – the recommendation is for the Wiki to replace the current Yahoo site as the GISL information site next year. Kirsten Pylant moved to accept the Wiki and Kathy McClelland seconded the motion. Kimberley Barker suggested adding a list of the criteria for joining GISL to the Wiki. Training on the Wiki will take place at the first GISL meeting next year.

Planned additions to the GISL by-laws were shared by Melinda Holmes:

1. Program Coordinator position precedes the President’s position

2. No officer can hold the same position for more than 5 years

3. All officers to keep notebooks

4. Addition of member-at-large positions

5. Mandatory attendance of officers at officer meetings and GISL meetings (except for absences due to unforeseen circumstances)

There were no suggestions for additions or changes to these by-laws. The additions will be formally presented and voted on at the next GISL meeting.

Melinda Holmes provided feedback on the annual AISL conference held in Nashville this month. Information about this year’s sessions can be found at http://aisl2010.wordpress.com/program/. The AISL 2011 Conference will be held in San Francisco on April 13th-15th

New Business

Tina Thomas presented Melinda Thomas with a thank you gift for two years of service as President of GISL. Melinda encouraged all members to get involved in the GISL organization.

It was announced that Kimberley Barker will be leaving Atlanta at the end of the school year to work at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA. She was thanked for all she has done for GISL; “we are losing a valuable librarian and friend.” Kimberley reminded the group that there is “always Skype” and thanked GISL for their support and friendship.

Stacy Brown announced that there is an opening for a middle school Media Specialist at The Davis Academy.

GISL Communication:

After lunch the group broke into small groups to share ideas and brainstorm about programs being implemented in their school Media Centers. After the small group discussions participants were invited to tour The Davis Academy Lower School.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM.


Media Specialist


P 770.754.5738 EXT. 124 F 770.754.5544

E sborain@kingsridgecs.org